All items should be clean, tagged, and hung before they are brought to the sale.  Please make sure all zippers, buttons and snaps are in working condition.  Remember… wrinkle-free items sell much quicker than those that do not have “hanger-appeal.” At KIDSmart, we only want to sell items that we would want to buy! So check to make sure your items are free of stains, smells and any other damage. 

After you register, you will print a bar coded tag for each item that you are selling.  (Our Print Code for printing out tags in the My Consignment Manager System is PL26512838.)  Attach the tag to the top right corner of the clothing item.  See pictures below.  Please use safety pins only…no straight pins or staples! Tagging guns are also acceptable.


Clothing sets with 2 or more pieces should be safely pinned together on a hanger.  If hung on separate hangers, they should be banded together.  Use only one tag for the set.  Other accessories (i.e., bows, socks, hats, etc.) that go with a clothing set should be placed in a ziploc bag and safety pinned to the back of the hanger (or hole punched and hung over the hanger hook).

Hang ALL clothing on hangers.  This includes onesies, jeans, shorts, etc. When pinning tags, they should be placed on the upper, right side of the item. When you hold up and look at the item, the hanger should face left and look like a “?” question mark. Kids clothes up to size 6, should be on child-size hangers.


KIDSmart accepts items secured with safety pins or tagging gun

Hanging Pants: It is preferred that you use pant hangers for all pants and skirts.  If you don’t have a pant hanger, please pin items to the TOP RUNG of a hanger, hanging straight down. DO NOT fold them over the hanger or pin to bottom rung because the items slide from side to side and are impossible to see on the rack.  Please make sure pants and skirts are secure to the hanger.

Some tips when entering sizes:  Toddler sizes should go under the number (i.e., for 3T select Size 3).  Double sizes like 8/10 should be categorized under the smaller size (i.e., for 8/10 select size 8).  Clothes that are sized by S, M and L should be entered as follows:


XS=4, S=6, M=8, L=10, XL=12/14, XXL=16


XS=6, S=8, M=10, L=12, XL=14, XXL=16

Tagging Guns: A tagging gun is acceptable, but you may tag items through the tag in the back of the clothing item, or in a SEAM ONLY. For tops, use the SHOULDER or COLLAR seam. For bottoms use a WAIST seam on the right side.  Using the gun to tag in any other place will create a hole, damaging the item. So please be careful when using a tagging gun. We have a limited number of tagging guns available for purchase.  They are available for sale on Ebay or at Walmart for less than $10. Email us at for details.

Shout out to “Here We Grow Again” for a short but informative video on using a tagging gun for consignment items!